Realism Versus Happyism

This particular jewel of a post is about why my website seems to be so damn negative all of the time. It’s never about anything happy. All of the stuff I write seems to be from the perspective of some old guy who hates everyone.

I prefer not to live in a bubble. The world is not a happy place. It is a dark and sad place. When you look at the terrible things that human beings do to each other each and every day it sickens you. You wonder to yourself how we’ll ever evolve to beings better than where we are now.

I don’t believe we’ll ever see an evolved society like you might see in a science fiction movie or television show. Human beings are way too fucked up for that. And disagreeable, did I mention disagreeable? I think you only need to look as far as our current political system in my country to see how far we have to go as a species. Everything in Washington is a fight, a war, a stand, or some other damn thing that is more about the politicians themselves than the people they are supposed to serve.

We have a representative government which means I don’t give a fuck what the guy I elected thinks. He or she is supposed to vote exactly the way I tell them to. That is how it is supposed to work.

I often post that I wish a big asteroid would smack into our planet and knock humans off of it. We have a habit of dragging everything down with us and I think Earth should be allowed to continue.

We’ll never evolve as a species if we can’t get past our differences and start treating each other better.

I guess that means we’ll never evolve. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to go back to flinging poo.