Nudity in HDWGH Stories

I am often asked why my HDWGH (How Did We Get Here?) stories have so much nudity in them. Is it a direct reflection of my personality?

The short answer is no. Although I would consider myself a closet nudist which covers most people I believe, that isn’t the reason why I include a lot of nudity in my stories.

To me, the nudity is funny because of how other people in the United States view it. I watched a young woman change her top in Marseilles France in a McDonalds and nobody cared. Try doing that in the US. The United States has a weird view of nudity and it is always fun to exploit it.

I have a neighbor that has no problem letting her teenage daughter play violent video games where both sides are actively trying to kill each other but has a serious issue with her seeing nude people.

What is wrong with that? Everything.

You will continue to see stories involving nudity on my site and I will continue laughing every time I write them.