HDWGH – Story 16 – Substandard Gravy

HDWGH – Story 16

From The How Did We Get Here Series

Now: Pete Giovanni is face down in his salad plate in front of him. At this point, we’re not sure if Pete is dead or just napping.

Before: Sarah Giovanni spend most of the afternoon preparing one of the family’s favorite meals. One of the last parts of this culinary masterpiece was the beloved gravy. However, when Sarah went to grab a jar she realized she didn’t have any more.

Without another thought she grabbed her face mask, grabbed her coat, and grabbed her car keys and hurried down to the local store. Much to her horror, they were out of the exact brand of gravy that her family enjoyed. Sarah gave it some thought and decided that rather than ruin the entire meal she’d make a substitution. The day was officially saved.

Later that evening, the family sat around the dinner table. After the tradition of saying “Grace” Pete looked at the delight in front of him. He picked up his fork, picked up a rather large portion, and gingerly placed it in his mouth. It didn’t take long for his look of pure joy to turn into absolute horror.

“What is this?” He yelled at Sarah.

“I had to substitute the gravy sweetheart, we ran out and the store didn’t have the brand we like.”

“I can’t eat this. This is disgusting!” Pete exclaimed.

With a tear forming in her eye, Sarah told Pete she was sorry and picked up his plate and took it into the kitchen.

The children heard Sarah walking back from the kitchen. Then, the children heard the sound like the chime of a deep church bell and then Pete doing a face plant into the salad plate in front of him.

Sarah was standing behind him with one her favorite frying pans.

I guess you could say that Sarah didn’t appreciate the feedback.

The children promptly ate their meal smiling as they did so.