Selling Global Warming

It is extremely difficult to tell everyone that the Earth is getting hotter when in fact, it is getting colder in some places.

Case in point, this story.

Freezing drivers were stranded for hours in traffic jams in Germany and COVID-19 vaccination centres were shut in Britain on Tuesday as Europe was pummelled by the heaviest snow in years.

But wait, there’s more…

Snow is expected to decrease in the coming days, according to forecasters, but temperatures as cold as -20 C mean travel conditions will remain hazardous.

With the wind-chill factor, temperatures could feel as low as -30 C at night, forecasters have said.

Heavy snow has also fallen in other countries across central and northern Europe, including Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark.

My opinion has always been that the Earth is constantly changing and that will mean some parts of the world will get warmer while others get colder. In a few years, things will shift but you’ll always have cold spots and warm spots. They just won’t always be in the same exact spot on the globe. That is why you have record temperatures constantly. You would if everything was shifting around all of the time.

Makes perfect sense to me.