Personal Quote

Sometimes when I am in the bathroom in the morning, I’ll be thinking about a topic and just proceed to create a great quote from it.

The key to remembering everything is to NOT remember anything.

You are probably shaking your head. “This is complete doublespeak and poppycock!”

I assure you that it is not.

Our brains are horrible at remembering anything. If that is true, then why rely on it? While we may remember events, do we truly remember them in every perfect detail? No. No, we do not.

The trick is to make sure you write your brilliant ideas down somewhere. It could be the phone that you are carrying with you. It could be an app like Drafts on your Apple Watch that lets you dictate a quick note that syncs to your phone or laptop.

I have a waterproof writing system in the shower which is how I remembered my quote to share with you right now.

Get it down and you’ll always remember!