Two Scam Attempts

I’ve had a couple of phishing attempts this week. One was absolutely hilarious and the other one was disturbingly well done.

IMG 5945

The picture above didn’t remotely look like any email Amazon sends to anyone.

On the other end of the spectrum, I give you this one.

Screen Shot 2021 08 21 at 5 57 32 AM

This one should get an award. They went so far as to register a domain that if you try to directly access the root, they send you to the legitimate site. The link in the email would still work but trying the address directly in your browser does a re-direct.

Very clever. My subscription isn’t remotely close to being due but anyone not paying attention would have clicked the link.

**Sidenote**: NEVER click an email link unless you are 100% certain about what it’s for. For example, some websites need to send you an email to verify your address. These are ok. You initiated the email request. All good.

In this case, I knew my subscription didn’t expire so I was immediately suspicious.

I logged into the account using the real log in just to confirm. I suggest you do this when you are unclear about any email. This only confirmed what I already knew. Nothing is expiring.