HDWGH – Story 58 – Wandering Blind Man

-*From The How Did We Get Here Series*-

**Now**: Rachel Gilmore climbed into her cozy hotel queen size bed and felt ok doing so. Her husband John should be joining her but quite honestly, she didn’t know where he was. John was blind and had a history of wondering off whenever they went out for a nice getaway. She would always get annoyed by his insistance that he could find his way around by himself when he obviously could not. You know. Because, he is blind. Rachel wanted a vacation from John’s snoring and his wanderings so climbing into bed by herself was ok in her book.

**Before**: “And there he goes,” Rachel Gilmore thought to herself as her husband John began going down a hotel corridor that didn’t look like paying customers should be going down. She yelled after him but John was stubborn. He was as stubborn as he was blind. She was starting to wonder why she even bothered trying to believe that she and her husband could have a normal vacation, anywhere. It had been four years since the workshop accident that took his sight.

Four long years.

Rachel grew tired of yelling after her wayward husband and decided to turn around and visit the hotel bar. She’d start the vacation with a margarita and with or without her husband.