HDWGH – Story 70 – Out Yonder

Artwork by Adobe Firefly.

-*From The How Did We Get Here Series*-


Before Daniel Baker tried to open his eyes, he knew he was lying in straw. As he slowly opened his eyes, he could see that dusk had turned into night. He was late for supper. His mother would be pissed. Was that his skateboard in the nearby tree?


Sam Rollins was loving life. He finally got the carburetor working as expected and his souped up 1971 Chevrolet Custom 10 sounded better than ever. It still wasn’t pretty but all of the cardboard and other duct tape covering the passenger window would be fixed up in due time. Hardees wasn’t exactly paying him THAT well and who cared if he could see out of that side of the window anyway?

Daniel Baker had been told not to ride his skateboard on Euharlee Road. “There ain’t no speed limit out yonder, boy” She’d say to him. Of course, he didn’t listen. Why would he? The old hag never left the house so how would she know how fast people drove on Euharlee? He had been doing it for six months now and everyone had been kindly going around him.

The truck only had three gears and Sam had it in third gear while the speedometer dial hovered around 52 mph. A slight bump and was that a yelp? No matter. Sam watched the speedometer climb to 55 miles per hour. Mission accomplished. He couldn’t wait to show off his new exhaust system next time he rode down Euharlee.

Of course, that would have to wait for another month until he made enough money from Hardees. “First world problems,” he thought to himself as he laughed out loud.