Andrew Update

A Podcast for Andrew


As many of you know, my friend and a host on my network Andrew Lawton has taken ill.

For the latest updates, go to

We’re doing a Brass Balls Radio show for him on Friday at 7:00 pm EST.

So far…

Mike Williams
Wendy Sullivan
Kathy Shaidle
Kimberly Haney

have confirmed and will be attending.

We have also opened up the phone lines for anyone who may not be able to participate but would like to pass along their well wishes.


Again, for further details, go to and Jimmie also is mirroring the updates and providing information over at his blog.

And please, pray for Andrew!

Update (12/18/10) – We recorded the show last evening. Actual attendees were myself, Wendy Sullivan, Jimmie Bise, Joe Guzman, and Kathy Shaidle. I would like extend a hearty “thank you” to Roch Bordanave (our announcer) for recording special VO material for this show on his day off. The show is currently in post production and show be released sometime tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who helped us with our Get Well Andrew Show!

Update (12/23/10)Show link is here.