Cancel Culture

Cancel Culture Strikes Again

I was in the military so I have fought for all Americans and their right to say whatever they want whether or not I agree with it. That is the deal and thats how this works.

Scott Adams the creator of Dilbert said some pretty wild stuff that has newspapers cancelling his cartoon in mass numbers.

So what now?

Why cancel the cartoon? What did the cartoon do? Did he say these things in the cartoon? No. This is an example of attacking someone personally because you don’t agree with what they are saying. Here is the logic from a newspaper article on the subject.

In a letter from the editor, The Oregonian’s Therese Bottomly wrote, “Some readers will no doubt deride my decision as an example of ‘overly woke’ culture or as a knee-jerk politically correct response. What about free speech, they might ask. Isn’t this censorship? No one is taking Adams’ free speech rights away. He is free to share his abhorrent comments on YouTube and Twitter so long as those companies allow them. This also isn’t censorship; it’s editing. Editors make decisions every day about what to publish, balancing the need to inform against the possibility of offending reader sensibilities.”

Fuck reader sensibilities. If you don’t like what you are reading or looking at, don’t read it or look at it. She is describing censorship and disguising it as editing.

Cancel Culture

I am surprised to see this from California.

“Cancel culture and the efforts to silence differing opinions and voices should be a growing concern for all of us,” said state Sen. Melissa Melendez, R-Lake Elsinore. “A climate of intolerance has been established and has stifled healthy and normal debate. Anyone who values their own freedom of speech should be concerned.”