COVID-19 – Coronavirus

Miami Re-Opening Casinos

Miami-Dade mayor reopening casinos Monday, banking on COVID continuing to improve I’m guessing, it won’t.

From the Newspaper…

Can’t say I am upset about it. During a pandemic, sports should be the least of our problems.

Bad Ideas – Version 7,412

This is a bad idea. New York (CNN Business)Cinderella Castle has sat silent for 116 days. That’s how long Walt Disney World has closed its doors because of the coronavirus pandemic. On Saturday, Disney will welcome guests back to its flagship theme park in Orlando,...

The Truth About Hydroxychloroquine

If you are looking for evidence to suggest that this drug helps with COVID-19 treatment, you’d be hard pressed to find it. You can draw your own conclusions from the following… From the BBC… The death rates of the treated groups were: hydroxychloroquine 18%; chloroquine...

Cool & Inspiring

I needed this reminder today so I thought I'd share in case you needed it, too. — Anne Wheaton (@AnneWheaton) May 3, 2020

Good Advice

This is from my web hosting company. I was with another hosting company for about 10 years before I needed to switch away from them. I found Dreamhost and never looked back. This company is amazing. Nope. Not getting paid to say that. They are...

Tracking the Spread of Covid-19

This is a great way to get a feel for how your state is doing. Obviously, we’d prefer to see a continuous cycle of a number below 1.0 which indicates the spread is slowing. You can see how this is calculated here.

COVID-19 Thoughts

This is unlike any outbreak I’ve experienced in my lifetime. Movie studios, entire towns, and businesses are shutting down. Supplies in local stores are running low as people freak out. Unless you are a “prepper”, of course and you’ve always seen something like this coming....