Fun Facts

Frickin Laser Beams

Looks like we’re going to finally get some Star Wars style weapons after all. CW lasers may be effective enough for now, but fall short of science fiction. They just aren’t capable of firing at that speed. While they can melt their targets, burn them...

Fun with Headlines

How about this one? NASA says some Earth organisms could temporarily survive on Mars Fun fact. ALL life could temporarily survive on Mars. ALL life could temporarily survive in open space. ALL life could temporarily survive inside of a volcano. ALL life could temporarily survive...

5k Apple Walk Challenge

For the record, I am serious considering doing the 5k Apple walk/run/wheelchair challenge today. I’ll update this post if I actually do it.

Ice Cream Machine

Yes. Someone went through the trouble of creating a website to check and see how many McDonald’s ice cream machines were down.

Juicy Ass IPA


Fun Facts – Landslide Elections

This is a post for fun reasons. I always remember the 1984 landslide of the Ronald Reagan era but I recently discovered that wasn’t the biggest landslide election in history. The biggest occurred in the election of 1936 involving FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt). Additionally, FDR...