Idiots in Motion


Local newspaper shenanigans.

There is no way that the little girl shown below…

1. Gives a shit about school funding or even knows what it means.

2. Is only 2 years old.

Newspaper. Fuck off.

How to Destroy an Industry

Follow Oakland’s example.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Oakland has banned the use of leaf blowers, trimmers and other lawn equipment that rely on combustion engines, citing health and climate change concerns.

The city says that the “significant health hazards” to users and residents from the discharge of particle matter and carbon monoxide lead to the decision, as well as unwanted noise pollution.

The city recommends using electric or non-motorized options.

The ban is included for commercial landscaping or gardening services as well as private usage.

Homeowners and businesses have until April to switch over to more silent and sustainable options.

In a grid down situation, electric anything will actually be non-sustainable.

You can’t rely on one type of power. That is asking for disaster.