Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion

A Challenge to Myself

I couldn’t help but notice that I haven’t been writing a lot in the last year or so.

The truth is that I have been writing but not writing on my personal website nor have I really been doing much tweeting. Due to this observation I have decided to set a short term goal of writing 3 to 5 articles per day for the next week.

Will they be of use? I hope so.

As I make my way through Mac OS X Lion and all of the small issues that are coming up, I should have plenty to write about. (see the post below)

For example…

The first change I made after upgrading to Lion? I reversed the direction of scrolling. Honestly Apple? Really? Getting everyone used to a single direction of scrolling after a few years of everyday use and then deciding to change the direction was a disaster of a decision. Did you try that out on any everyday hardcore users? I’m guessing no.

I have read this morning that you will notice a speed increase after spotlight creates a searchable index file. If your system seems slow after the upgrade just wait a few hours and you should notice an increase in speed.

Three to five articles a day is a lot to someone who works two full time jobs. We’ll see how this goes.

The Problems With Lion

Yes. I have upgraded to Mac OS X Lion.I’m a geek. Don’t be silly.

Here is a small list of things that broke when I upgraded.

My timer for recording podcasts. (got a new one)

My seriously old version of Photoshop. (I have a newer version that I’ve been waiting to install)

My recording software as a whole. (I have a backup that I just NOW got to work)

Is it enough to make me regret the upgrade?

Not in your life.

I expected things to break so no surprise there. The operating system is working great for everything else. I love “Mission Control” and think they finally got “Spaces” right.