Mike is an idiot

Big Toe Fun

I was in a very big hurry to get my Amazon packages off the front porch when (much to my surprise) I slammed my big toe into a section of the house and broke it open.

It hurts.

It doesn’t hurt as much as I think it should which kind of scares me a little. Since I go barefoot so much, I may just have tough feet.

It was a stupid thing to do and most people would not admit their stupidity.

I will.

Broken Links

Over the weekend, I took a trip down memory lane and decided to read the older blog posts from several years ago.

Good stuff — except for the broken links.

Websites come and go. I know that more than anyone and with them also goes their links and pictures.

Fixing the links is no small task. I will probably need to do some research on each one and locate the picture from elsewhere.

Happy to do it but will probably not be until this weekend.


Time Machine Rocks!


As I was going through my recent recordings of network shows we have recorded in the last few days, the unthinkable happened; I deleted a show segment.

At first, I panicked. There was just simply no way to get this show back. Getting hosts to gather round for a podcast can be very tricky at the best of times.

Then, it hit me. I have a Time Machine backup.

I went back a few days and lo and behold was able to recover the file I had deleted.

For you Mac users who use Leopard and above there just isn’t a good excuse to not use Time Machine. Buy a drive, plug it in, and that’s all there is to it.

Time Machine for the win!

Universal Truths

Life is too short.

I really. Really. Screwed up a great thing with my production company.

I landed the best President I could have ever hoped for and because I am a complete moron, we lost her.

Today, we talked for the first time in a long time.

I’m glad that we can still be friends.

I missed her terribly.