Political Battles and Winning the War

This one might actually go pretty quickly.

There is a war on right now. A war for the White House. The Republicans think they have a real shot of “de-throning” Obama. Due to the major amount of ammunition at their disposal and because Obama’s fake life makes this so easy, I would tend to agree. Anyone who thinks that Obama wasn’t groomed for the White House going back prior to his run for the Senate is simply not paying close enough attention nor are you able to step back and see a bigger picture.

With that being said, if you wish to “de-throne” Obama there are a couple of small things you need to keep in mind. Simple “do this thing” or “don’t do this thing” type stuff. Here we go…

Campaign participation not whatever-con participation is what is needed during a presidential election cycle. Conferences should be put on hold. They serve no purpose other than to make money for the people hosting them and none of that money goes towards the folks who really need it. The hundreds you spent over the weekend to participate in whatever-con would have been better spent on a presidential campaign. That is simple common sense.

Circle Jerks. Talking to the same people over and over again will not further your cause. They already subscribe to your podcasts, they already met you at whatever-con, and they have less influence than any run of the mill lobbyist. I have several political podcasts in my iTunes feed and I cringe whenever I see the exact same names pop up in a podcast over and over again. If we are recycling the same people in radio, podcasts, and television then I suppose the new ideas aren’t flowing very freely either. How could they? I can think of a couple of folks that I could have on shows tomorrow in which I would already know exactly what they are going to say. See what I mean? How does that help anything?

Everything has to be on the table. Obama’s faults are too numerous to mention here but don’t go taking anything out of play just yet. McCain made this mistake in 2008. He tried to take the “high road.” Well, this is war and while I appreciate taking the high ground in war, this is certainly no time to take the high road. Not if you have plans of winning. In 2008, the Democrats fought to win. In 2008, the Republicans let them win. I have to say that I don’t feel like the Republicans are ready for a fight this time around either. I’m sure we’ll hear phrases from the Romney camp like “I’m not going to stoop to that level” or “I won’t attack Obama’s relationship with Jeramiah Wright because “I’m better than that.” That is why Romney will probably lose.

These are just a few things off the top of my head. Stay tuned. I’m sure there will be more.