Lower Levels – Castle Nerda

Castle Nerda is a name I created for the place in which I live. It is pretty simple actually. It is a house full of nerds. Therefore, we call it Castle Nerda.

The plan today at Castle Nerda is basement cleaning. I loathe it but alas, it must be done. We were extremely fortunate this time around because most of our valuable equipment (Dish TV cables, Comcast Business Modem, washer and dryer, etc) were all secured above the water line. This lesson we learned from the previous flooding. It had never happened previous to that.

With two floodings in five years, we will probably take things a step further and simply not have anything on the floor. I’ll take some photos and add them towards the end of the day.

Castle Nerda Basement Cleanup – August 2018

Weekend Update

First, I’d like wish my friend Tabitha a very happy birthday!
Now, some stories from my Instapaper that I found interesting this week.

Fruit Ninja SS

Social workers tend to have more ethics problems personally than most.
Louis C.K. knows how to market himself.
Notice how the articles so far come from GigaOm? Yeah, me neither.
20 New Year’s Resolutions for folks who are twenty-something.
Fruit Ninja Cat.
That’s all I got for right now.
I’ll be devoting most of my free time to meeting an April 30th deadline for the warehouse movie that John Miller and I have been working on and off on for about 2 years. Wheels are in motion and it looks like this thing might actually happen.

In A Flash…

We are half way through December and so far, I barely remember it.
Things are absolute “off the rails” busy at my day job.
Night projects have picked up.
And I barely have time to right a post about how busy it is.
Ain’t that some shit? (insert chorus here..”Ain’t that some shit”)

iDVD Update

The latest Mac Update is here…


The update will require that you restart your computer.