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This is click bait and the advertiser can go fuck themselves. This is basically saying that they have a list of restaurant chains that will be closing and use an image of a chain that isn’t.

You think it is on the list and click the link.

No, not illegal. It should be.

Is it wrong to hope that aliens will swoop in and anally rape the person that came up with the idea?

Another Mess. Please Excuse.

 I have changed back to my old trusty WordPress Theme but not without problems.

A whole lot of stuff needs to be reconfigured. I mean. Really? Who needs to update a damn theme?

I am tired of updates, especially security updates. Why? It tells me that you have no fu**ing idea how to fix your problem. The more security updates you push, the less you understand the problem. If you understood the problem and knew how to stop it…well…you get the idea. 

Ok. I’m done now.