Flood 2018


At least we can honestly say that almost no one was left out of this year’s flooding.

The biggest casualty from this flood is our Comcast Business modem. It would have survived if the tech who installed it didn’t put the AC/DC power convertor on the floor instead of inside the IT cage.

Sunday morning, a Comcast technician stopped by and upgraded our modem from a 100mb capacity to the newer 400mb capacity. The internet was back up in about 30 minutes.

The remainder of the week will be spent cleaning up the items that were either on the floor or on low racking close to the floor.

Things could have been much worse. The last time we flooded the building owner installed an internet cage to house all of the important electronics and also built a shelf for the washer and dryer to sit up on. They are commercial grade and we lost both of them during the last flood. We ended up making out better because the newer units are fabulous.

Note: I’ve used the word fabulous three times today so far.