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Drive By Blogging

Out of the Box

Overheard today… “There is no scenario where AI doesn’t get out of the box.” What this means is that AI will always get loose and do “who knows what” once it does. It is an absolutely controllable situation that will become an uncontrollable one because...

I am Tired

That is all I have.

Still Reading…

…the same book since October 18th. I feel bad about it however, it is quite busy around Castle Nerda. I’ve read that blog confessions are good for the soul or something like that.

What I Want for Christmas

This. This magnificent specimen is all your childhood dreams come true: a 43-inch long Imperial Star Destroyer made from Lego. The new 4,700-piece Lego creation is the largest Star Wars-themed set to date and will let you finally recreate the epic opening scene of A New Hope in your...

School Begins Near Castle Nerda

It makes absolutely “NO” sense to me to start school right before the Labor Day holiday. Why bring students back just to give them days off? Why not just start the year uninterrupted? Warwick is the only local school district that understands that idea year...

PHP Storm – A Small Rant

I like PHP Storm. I use it to write PHP pages and for the most part, it works rather well. Except that is, the debugging part. I’ve always had real trouble getting the debug function to work properly. I have to admit that most of...

Website Hiatus

Well, I’m still here. Not on the blog actually. Just busy doing all kinds of fun stuff. Sometimes, I forget to actually share those things on this blog. I’m including a small set of photos from random things. What these pictures explain to anyone who...

What Happened to January?

Well. That is a very good question. Was I off taking exotic vacations? No. Was I abducted? No. We spent the last month…planning. Planning what? Planning the next year which is already booked solid. I’ll make a concerted effort to keep this place updated as...

Peak Season is Over

Thank goodness for that. Now, we begin preparing for the next one.

One Note Wish List

I’d like to add TOC functionality to my One Note feature wish list. I am working on one that is becoming a bit “unwieldy.” That is all.

Funny. Enough Said.

If anyone is still wondering about how great Bitcoin is or how the government makes great decisions regarding Bitcoin, please…show yourself out.

Awesome Use of Technology

By using a brain implant, people who are paralyzed. Three people paralyzed from the neck down have been able to use unmodified computer tablets to text friends, browse the internet and stream music, thanks to an electrode array system called BrainGate2. The findings could have a major impact...

The Boring Company — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 3, 2018

Daylight Savings Time Saves 0.03%

There is a pretty good article in the local newspaper today about Daylight Savings Time, who thought of it, why, and how most countries would like to get rid of it. Ben Franklin sometimes gets credit for coming up with the idea of saving time...

Leaving on a Jet…wait..

…ah…Leaving on a bus. That is right. Big huge bus trip happening tomorrow morning. I plan to take lots and lots of pictures. I’ll post them here. Also, can’t wait to see how the new Series 4 Apple Watch works for the entire day.

How to see if your Facebook account was compromised

Follow this link. It will tell you if your account was hacked. There is a box near the bottom that looks like this… Slashdot has more information here.

An Explosion in Allentown

ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) — A car explosion that rocked downtown Allentown left three males dead, including the likely “perpetrator,” officials said Sunday as federal authorities who are leading the investigation looked ahead to autopsies.“We know there’s been a criminal incident,” District Attorney James Martin told...

Coding Error = Death of 293 Cars

This story isn’t really funny. I’m glad Subaru caught it and quickly fixed it. I’m posting this story because Slashdot comments make me laugh. Scroll down to the bottom of the article to find the comments.


This was a couple of days ago. Don’t judge.

Geek News from the Wherever

Things worth noting today. SpaceX reveals identity of the world’s first lunar space tourist German doctors say there is a 'high plausibility' that a member of the Russian protest band Pussy Riot was poisoned — CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk) September 18, 2018 6 ways...

The Presidential Alert

Coming to a cell phone near you on September 20th at approximately 2:18 EST. It could be delayed until October 3rd. More details here.

INTJ Personality Types

I did not know this was a thing. I see some of myself in this personality type and also some co-workers, past and present. INTJ’s are one of the most rarest personality types and form only 2% of the population. Here is a brief overview...

Around the Twitter-verse – Monday Edition

Monday is World #SuicidePrevention Day. Find out what you can do if you think someone is considering suicide: #WSPD2018 #Letstalk — United Nations (@UN) September 10, 2018 Successful deployment of Telstar 18 VANTAGE to a geostationary transfer orbit confirmed. — SpaceX (@SpaceX)...