INTJ Personality Types

I did not know this was a thing. I see some of myself in this personality type and also some co-workers, past and present.

INTJ’s are one of the most rarest personality types and form only 2% of the population. Here is a brief overview of the characteristics:
(I)ntroversion – They focus their attention inward and get their energy from having time alone
i(N)tuition– They rely on the information they get from within themselves. As a result, they tend to focus more on ideas and concepts rather than facts and details.
(T)hinking – They prefer to make their decisions based on their own logical reasoning and analysis rather than their own emotions.
(J)udgement – They orient themselves to the external world through planning and organization rather than going with the flow and having sponinaeity.

via Life Hacker

You can read the whole article here. Fascinating shizz.