new year

Happy New Year!

I almost forgot.


It is a new year today.

The following is a clip from my announcer from the Take That! Radio days. It sums everything else up perfectly.

Hoping Next Year Won’t Suck

1st Post of the New Year

I think the first post of the year should be about gadgets. In the last couple of weeks, I have aquired the following…

1. Apple Watch – Custom made and delivered from China. Sweet. Most sweet. I love it when Apple goes the extra mile for developers and adds something to our hardware order. It has happened a couple of times to me. I ordered an iPod and received an engraved and enhanced version far and above what I originally ordered. The watch was much the same. I ordered a relatively simple model and what I got was immensely better.

2. XBox One S – This one is kind of funny because the only reason I wanted an XBox was for a game called Battlefront. It is a very detailed and intense Star Wars game with add ons for the latest movie…etc. At first, I wasn’t sure what the S stood for and quite frankly, I still don’t. As it turns out after Googling it, the S stands for “supports 4k video.” I only have a 1080P television to play this on. Hmmm….

3. That leads into aquisition#3. A 55″ 4k television which I had to purchase to support the XBox. What is the point of having an XBox that supports 4k if your television doesn’t? Right. The answer couldn’t have been more obvious. A new television was in order.

4. This one was a bit unexpected at least right now. I had planned on purchasing an Apple laptop to backup my main work machine at home. Up until now, the Mac Mini was fulfilling that role but a laptop would give me more freedom if I needed to work from someplace else. You never know. I could find myself in the middle of a beach on St. Thomas and be called upon to process orders. You just never know about these things. A colleauge just so happened to have an extra Apple MacBook Pro and offered to swap out my Mac Mini for the laptop. Gee, let me think. Ok, then!

I wasn’t expecting to get so many gadgets this year but life is short and we don’t know how many more tomorrows we’ll have. I hope everyone has a great gadget year.

…and NO FIRES! I am looking at you Samsung….

Weekend Update

First, I’d like wish my friend Tabitha a very happy birthday!
Now, some stories from my Instapaper that I found interesting this week.

Fruit Ninja SS

Social workers tend to have more ethics problems personally than most.
Louis C.K. knows how to market himself.
Notice how the articles so far come from GigaOm? Yeah, me neither.
20 New Year’s Resolutions for folks who are twenty-something.
Fruit Ninja Cat.
That’s all I got for right now.
I’ll be devoting most of my free time to meeting an April 30th deadline for the warehouse movie that John Miller and I have been working on and off on for about 2 years. Wheels are in motion and it looks like this thing might actually happen.