Bad Ideas – Version 7,412

This is a bad idea.

New York (CNN Business)Cinderella Castle has sat silent for 116 days.

That’s how long Walt Disney World has closed its doors because of the coronavirus pandemic. On Saturday, Disney will welcome guests back to its flagship theme park in Orlando, Florida, and reopen a cornerstone of its business.
The Disney (DIS) resort plans to begin a phased reopening on Saturday for its Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom parks, followed by EPCOT and Hollywood Studios on July 15.
Although Disney is implementing several measures to reopen safely, the reopening of a dense theme park roughly the size of San Francisco comes with risks, questions and criticisms as cases are spiking in Florida.

Not in the way bad ideas could be like..”oh, well that was a mistake but at least no one got hurt.”

A bad idea in the form of “oh, shit! People are dying and we are helping to facilitate it.”