Windows 11

Windows Development

I downloaded Visual Studio 2019 yesterday to test it out on Windows 11.

The first thing that jumped out at me was the Visual Studio 2019 release. Why not 2021?

The second thing I observed was that VS 2019 doesn’t contain any Windows 11 SDKs.

It is possible that the paid versions of Visual Studio support the new Windows environment which leads me to point out the major important differences between Microsoft and Apple.

Apple gives the developers the tools they need to write new applications at the exact same time they release the operating system. The two things go hand in hand which makes perfect sense when you think about it.

Windows has no such synergy between an OS release and the software you need to develop applications for it. This article makes it sound like Microsoft is really catering to developers but just by reading the article, I’d say otherwise. There are several programs used for different things instead of the single environment the apple provides.

The article mentions gaming and web development and even tools to tweak existing Windows 10 builds but nothing about straight application development. It doesn’t even mention the existence of Visual Studio at all.

I’ve been an Apple developer for a very long time so I guess I’m just probably spoiled.