xBox One X

I ordered a new xBox yesterday morning. I waited an entire year to see if the price would drop. It did not.

Looking forward to seeing how much better the graphics are. I have an xBox One S with 4k resolution but the processor(s) aren’t really designed for the advanced graphics of 4k.

Not too many options as I had when I ordered a One S. My One S is blue. I don’t recall seeing any other color available than black.

Update: NOT at all disappointed. This machine rocks!! You can tell the difference between the One S and the One X straight away. The details are amazing and the game play is a lot more smooth. Thumbs way up.

Monday Morning Post E3 Event

Good morning! Ahhh…hopefully….

I sat through the xBox E3 presentation yesterday which was a parade of “exclusive” and “World Premiere” game announcements.

The xBox One S gives way to the all new xBox One X (Project Scorpio) and will be available in November-ish with a price tag of $499.00.

If you own titles such as Forza Horizon 3 or Minecraft, those games will be getting a free update to 4k versions sometime in the fall. I believe I had a Minecraft-gasm during the keynote. I spend way too much time in Minecraft. I’ll own that.

The graphics in the racing demo were absolutely stunning. Puddles will expand based on how long it is raining and the world engines just seem to keep getting better and better.

Between Apple announcements and Microsoft announcements we should have a pretty awesome fall.

Pretty exciting.

GamerTag Change

First of all, I can’t believe that Microsoft charges 9.99 to change your gamertag.

Second, I paid it and changed my tag from MacDaddySrGamer to CaptainNukko.

I have no idea why that name came to me but it sure beats the old one.

I have no idea why I do what I do. Don’t judge me.