HDWGH – Story 2 – Ain’t That Some Shit?

— From the How Did We Get Here Series —

Now: Beautiful woman wearing a very light and revealing sundress is standing next to an apartment door. Beneath her dress on the floor is a small pile of fresh fecal matter. If you look at the pile just right, you can see the heat emanating from it.

Setup: The middle aged woman goes to a nearby Dairy Queen for a banana split knowing that she is completely lactose intolerant. Her husband just left her so she has decided to bury her sorrows in a nice ice cream sundae.

The problem begins about 30 minutes later as the woman is trying to get to her apartment after the pains in her stomach begin. She has just enough time to kick off her flip flops before the warm liquid leaves her ass and deposits on the Welcome mat beneath her bare feet. Her apartment key is in her hand but never makes it to the lock.

A young man sees the beautiful woman and decides to walk over to her and start a conversation. He gets within a few feet of her and smells the shit beneath her dress. He quickly grabs his nose and walks away in the opposite direction. No words spoken. Woman horrified. Reputation earned. Nickname acquired.