HDWGH – Story 3 – Drawing the Line

— From the How Did We Get Here Series —

Now: A small group of people surround a young woman who is laying on the ground outside of a Steak and Shake screaming and crying. She is in a fetal position.

Before: Emily has always been about…Emily. So, she saw the announcement on the news about a new Steak and Shake opening nearby and she just couldn’t resist. Emily wanted to be the first person in line. Emily arrives and immediate moves to the front of the line directly in front of a smaller younger girl. Shortly thereafter she experiences an immense pain as she is yanked by her pony tail and brought quickly to the ground. A knee presses into her neck and the smaller younger girl explains how life for Emily at this very moment is a gift that should be enjoyed elsewhere.

Note: This story is actually based on true events. I took liberty with the victims name but I think it might have been slutty Amy or something like that. Names. Words. Whatever.