Irrational Behavior in Action

There are many forms of irrational behavior but nothing more interesting than that of the female variety.

Scenario #1: The woman has a dog. It is a dog that hates people and bites everyone and everything. The dog is so bad that it can’t be taken out in public if there are people around. The dog is so disruptive that the family has to make plans base around this disruptive dog’s behavior.

A rational view of this situation would dictate that the woman get rid of the dog. That can be in any appropriate manner.

The irrational side of the woman will not get rid of the dog because she feels the dog needs love and she loves the dog. So, the whole family will continue to suffer until the dog dies or divorce happens.

Scenario #2: A certain religion who shall remain nameless has been discredited. The woman’s irrational behavior will still believe in this religion even though it has been proven to be a lie and complete fabrication.