Aliens or Not?

I am convinced that aliens would never visit this planet because they would have killed themselves off before they reached that level of technology. 👌🏼

Touch ID under Duress

A feature that I would like to see on Apple’s Touch ID devices is what I call a “duress” mode.

Let’s say someone is mugging you and demanding that you unlock your device. What if you assigned a specific finger to something called duress mode that does things behind the scenes while appearing to unlock the device.

You could even have a flash “store front” of apps that load up if you use this particular finger. None of them really do anything and your data is still protected. It may even add an extra layer of security that is required to unlock it by Apple. Once your device is put in duress mode, only authorized people could unlock it. By unlock it, I mean get it back to a state where your normal fingerprint would unlock the device. Apple couldn’t directly unlock it.

By using this finger, you have also alerted family, friends, and anyone else you designate that you are in some sort of duress. These messages could include your GPS location etc.

I think in the future, this type of functionality will be necessary. It might even save lives.

Picture from here.

Fireworks Laws

I wasn’t sure but I had a feeling that fireworks were illegal in my area.

Law changed in 2017
Until a few years ago, it was illegal for Pennsylvanians to buy most fireworks, with retailers focusing on sales to outof- state residents. When the law was loosened in 2017, it included some restrictions on exactly where and when fireworks can be set off: It’s illegal to ignite them within 150 feet of any structure or on any public or private property without permission from local authorities. In a densely populated city like Lancaster, that leaves very few places where people can safely ignite fireworks.
The law lays out penalties that local authorities, like Lancaster’s police bureau, can impose for violations: “A person using consumer fireworks in violation of the provisions of this article commits a summary offense and, upon conviction, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $100.”

Religion Origins

Historical fiction is a story that takes place in a certain period of history but the characters are usually fictional.

Religion is the exact same thing.

Especially if your religions doctrine cannot be independently verified by historians of the time.

That is a very basic requirement. You can make all of the bold claims you’d like in your religious text but if they are true, someone else would have seen it and written it down.

Don’t believe something just because someone says it is true. Find out for yourself. Do the research.

Even if it is your spiritual identity.

Don’t blindly follow anyone.

Ok. Life advice over.

2021 06 26 at 15 10 39 2x

2021 06 26 at 15 13 25 2x

More Relativity Questions

Some thoughts about the theory of relativity…

Electricity moves differently in a vacuum or with altered gravity. Does that mean that time is different or does it mean that how we measure time is different?

You could make the argument that a person on Earth shows a different time than someone in space simply because electricity works differently in space but the same measurement of time has passed for both individuals.

The only thing that changes is “how” I measure the time difference. That is why I believe the theory of relativity is incorrect.

If electricity moves at the speed of light and electricity moves differently in a void does that question what the speed of light actually is? To me, that means the speed of light is variable. Or, the way you are measuring is changing.

To me, if I travel away from the Earth at the speed of light and then return, I will have aged exactly the same as if I had stayed on Earth. Time may have been measured differently in space but my constant of measure is the Earth.

It is a theory that is extremely clear to me for some reason. I’ve always said that you cannot arm chair quarterback the universe from your chair on Earth.

I think the theory of relativity will be debunked when we start seriously traveling among the stars.

Streaming Services

There are too many of them.

My prediction is that this business model in its current form is unsustainable.

People just want one place to pay and watch; they don’t want 100 of them. That is too much shit to keep track of. One place. One login. Done.

People are lazy. Paying for everything in one spot? How much lazier can you get?

Politics Light – Multiple Parties

First of all, I’d like to apologize for writing about politics on my website. I promise you that it is not going to a deep dive into which political party is better and why you should choose one over the other.


This quick article is about why I believe we need to get rid of the two party system and go with something like Israel has. I believe Japan might also have a similar model.

With more choices everyone wins.

Multiple parties make it less about “us versus them” and makes it more solidly about the issues themselves.

There are two things I believe are so simple in politics that the fact that they really aren’t is proof positive that the system is broken.

1. Multiple party system
2. Flat Income Taxes. Either 5% or 10% would get the job done and everyone pays their fair share which cannot be argued if everyone pays 10%.

Those two things are painfully obvious to me.

Ok. Enough about that shit.

Apple News

I absolutely love the Apple News app.

The News app on my iPhone that is.

The News app on my computer is something quite different. For me, it all comes down to one simple thing. It is the inability to save anything to Instapaper.

Even though I have the option checked and enabled, it simply doesn’t show up as an option. The only options are apple’s built in choices. So, even though it appears you have choice here you don’t.

CleanShot 2021 05 04 at 05 50 16 2x

Even though I obviously have it checked here…

CleanShot 2021 05 04 at 05 51 15 2x

I think the phone just works better anyway but there are times when I am charging my phone that I’d like to be able to just use the M1 MBP.

Ok. My venting is over.

Revisions versus Writing

I am a first draft kind of guy. I can sit here all day long and pound out original material like nobody’s business.

When it comes to revisions, I hate it.

I’m doing it now. I have to go back over the last few stories I’ve written and complete the first revision. I have some beta readers who are willing to read my stories and give me feedback.

I plan on giving these stories to an editor when I think I’m ready to publish them.

Self publishing is something new I am trying but I don’t think you can or should publish anything without an editor looking at it.

My grammar can be awful sometimes. Anyone who reads this blog should know that by now.

That is all I have. Nothing Earth shattering. Just a post about how much I hate editing myself.

Book Review – Sort Of

I’m not yet going to give details of the book but I’m listening to a science fiction nugget.

I like the whole idea of it. There are parts that don’t seem to make much sense.

For one thing, the main enemy is missing the motivation. They are bad and try to kill the main characters but I still don’t know why.

It sounds like democracy versus communism. That seems off.

I’ll write a good review when this book is finished. It will probably be soon. I think I have 5 hours left.

Wondering Why Hiring Sucks?

I think with out the need to write more about the subject, the picture from today’s paper below demonstrates why it is so difficult to hire right now.

The company I work for goes through employees like shit through a goose. They hire 5 and the next day 3 leave. I’m not certain that the reason is so that they can say they’ve “tried” to find something.

CleanShot 2021 04 04 at 05 23 14 2x

For an employee who is not in managment, they make more money by not working. I have always felt that was the case but this chart puts those thoughts into a concrete form.

Why go to work when you can make more money by staying home? Probably also doesn’t hurt your need to feel safe from Covid as well.

Societal Concept

Since I write a lot of science fiction stories, I often wonder what would cause a civilization to never make it into space or not very far before the society collapses.

The collapse could be for any number of reasons.

Here is why I think the inhabitants of any planet can either kill the planet or as a people they thrive and reach out to the stars.

I believe this equation best describes it.

If you grow as a society faster than the rate of innovation, you die.

I think we are there. We’re producing shit tons of plastics that will have no where to go when we’re done with them. You could say “recycling” but you’d be wrong. Most plastic ends up either in the ocean or in a land fill. We could sure use an atomizer.

Too bad we didn’t invent one yet.


I grew up with sports.

I used to watch my favorite NFL football team play every weekend and couldn’t wait for the Super Bowl. I remember getting depressed after the All-Star game because I knew there would be no football until next season.

I actually liked the XFL and I loved that it filled the gap of the missing NFL. It only lasted for a season which sucked royal money balls.

I turned 50 and something happened. I’m not sure exactly what it was but I started to not care as much about football as I once did. I’m pretty sure the enormous salaries had something to do with it. I’m sure making teams change their name because someone is “offended” may also have something to do with it. I think it was the money mostly.

Right now, the Washington Redskins don’t even know who the hell they are. The people that are offended aren’t even the people that are supposed to be offended. The real Redskins (the Indians for you new people) don’t give a fuck.

When the coronavirus hit, sports because the last thing on Earth that people actually cared about and I was ok with that. I guess it took the pandemic for me to realize just how insignificant sports really is. The sports went away for a period of time and everything was ok.

This is from an article in today’s paper.

CleanShot 2021 03 28 at 08 31 30 2x

First of all, these kids did NOT lose everything last year. They are still fucking alive aren’t they? You fucking moron.

Everyone didn’t die. The newspaper was a lot more fun to read for me because the sports section (if it was in the paper at all) was only a page or half of a page.

To sum up this article…

…fuck sports.


If I am hot and sweaty and I decide to wear something that lets my upper body breathe (mostly talking about my tits), why do men automatically think that by the act of wearing said garment I am advertising that I am available?

If I am walking through a mall and see a guy wearing shorts rocking a nice cock outline, I don’t automatically think he is wearing it to pick up women. He might be. I don’t assume that.

For my 1st post with Mike’s website, I thought I’d write about something that always pisses me off.

Assumptions about my availability piss me off. Based on what I am wearing? Really?

I love men.

But, sometimes I don’t.

This post may or may not have been “triggered” by a recent trip to the store.

Company Leaks

Apple has had a really hard time to leaks to the press or other sources before a major announcement.

There are a lot of people that thrive on rumors and want to speculate about what the next big thing will be.

These same people may also not understand why leaking things to the public ahead of an event is bad.

If I am an engineer and I have worked to develop a product that I am proud of. Even if it’s something I am not entirely proud of, the fact remains that I’ve probably put a lot of time and effort into it.

I think as the engineer, I deserve to be able to present the work I’ve done my way. In Apple’s case, it would be a big press event. I should think that I am the person who deserves to show what I’ve done to others and not some publication, journalist, or an armchair technology quarterback.

When you release this information ahead of the engineering team’s expectation, you are literally robbing them of their moment in the sun. A moment that is sorely and richly deserved. They earned it. The person who writes about the leaked information has not earned anything. They were given information that can either chose to act on or chose to not act on. It is entirely their decision.

The person who releases the information has malicious intentions whether they feel that they do or not. That information is not yours to present. You didn’t “earn” the right to do so.

And that, makes the leakers and the people that present those leaks to the public lower then dog shit on the evolutionary scale.

Phone Calls

I don’t like to talk on the phone. Anyone who knows me will tell you how true that is. I hate making phone calls. I’d rather text, IM, or do smoke signals.

I’m saying that because my house mate has been on the phone with a member of his family for probably somewhere along the lines of oh, say five hours.

Yep. That is not a typo (this time). Believe me, I’ve had many many typos. My whole life is a typo.

I don’t like I’d have six minutes worth of things to talk about let alone 6 hours.

Trust me. I am probably the most boring person there is. A rock probably comes in first place but damn it, I am a close 2nd.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

…or as I used to say back in the 90’s.

Happy “would have been” Birthday Grandma!

I think of her often. She was a wonderful lady.

As I go onto Google this morning, I have to ask myself “why is this google so fucking lame?”

CleanShot 2021 03 17 at 03 47 17 2x

No traditional St. Patrick’s Day anything in this.

Well, at least its green.

Public Stalking

I believe I just figured out why it disturbs me when I hear that someone is a “fan” of someone else so much that they devote time, money, and resources in the pursuit of said fandom.

The words “stalk” and “fan” are remarkably similar.

CleanShot 2021 03 16 at 04 36 25 2x

…and fan…

CleanShot 2021 03 16 at 04 39 24 2x

I believe the only difference between stalking someone and being a fan of someone is the fact that being a fan can be done in public.


Flashbacks were the subject of a course that I am taking on fictional writing.

I have used them in the things that I have written but I admit, I use them sparingly. They can be a great tool but they can also make the story unwatchable or unreadable.

Case in point.

DC’s Arrowverse.

I had to stop watching the show because every show has an incredible amount of flashbacks in it.

It is a great example of what not to do. At least, in my opinion.

The show could have been greater without it.

Missing the Point

Australia. First of all, I love your women. They are amazing, smart, and gorgeous.

As for your decision making skills as a country, not so much.

Australia’s prime minister said on Monday that Microsoft is confident it can fill the void if Google carries out its threat to remove its search engine from Australia.

This story is about Microsoft filling a void. That in and of itself, should be scary.

Filling a void isn’t really the point. By your actions, you are taking a choice away from your citizens.

They should be outraged.

The Superhero TV Formula

I love comic books. That isn’t to say that I read them. I love comic books because of the superhero movies and television shows that are a result of them.

I remember sitting in from of our console TV as a child and watching Batman every day. The one thing I do NOT remember is shows that focused on sexuality, feelings, emotions, or other shit that simply doesn’t belong in the genre.

The series tied everything up in a nice bow. The villain would do dastardly things and the superhero would stop them and save the day. There would always be some trap that Batman and Robin would have to get out of. It was glorious. Was Batman bisexual? I dunno. Was Robin really a gender neutral? Again, dunno. My question is why would I care? It lends nothing to the story and although a modern screen writer might claim that it helps define the character, I would disagree.

It matters much less than they think it does.

I watched Star Trek as a kid and all of the way through to my adulthood. I believe I was in my forties when I read that George Takei (Sulu) was gay. That is how much it didn’t matter. His sexuality had nothing to do with the character much in the same way as if his character was gay.

A later Star Trek movie that reasoned that if George was gay then the character must also be gay was fucking ridiculous. I’m fairly certain that Gene Roddenberry did not write Sulu as a gay character.

You get the idea. Leave the fucking sexuality out of it and your shows probably would enjoy more seasons instead of getting cancelled.

I mean Batwoman. Jesus.

1% Mob Mentality

I am by no means, a one percenter.

In fact, I am probably on the opposite side of that spectrum.

I do not desire to have anything that a one percenter has. If I did, I would create a task list and goals that would get me to that end. It is really pretty simple really.

We can do anything if we actually set our minds to it. We really can.

During this past “peak season” when online shipments are going through the roof, I am the busiest that I will be all year long. It is always a dreaded time of the year for me and the people that work for me.

This year I decided to do something really radical. I decided to try and write a short story during “peak season.” I set a goal with clearly defined road maps along the way and followed the plan. The result?

Not only did I write a short story during “peak season” but I wrote nearly three of them. I finished the 3rd story shortly after the new year.

I am currently finishing up the 4th story and will soon be onto the 5th story. The goal is a nine story set that I may plan on actually publishing.

There is a point to all of this. If you want something that someone else has that, in and of itself, is a problem. That not withstanding, if you want something that someone else has or even just their lifestyle you can do it. If, you work at it.

There lies the rub. People are lazy. People are stupid. People love lashing out in a pack mentality. I think it is perfectly fine to want what someone else has as long as you are willing to do what it takes to achieve it for yourself.

Thinking that someone else owes you something is retarded. Yes. I’ll use the word and if you don’t like you can fuck off. Only a retarded cunt thinks that way. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that if you think the world owes you a pickup truck then I think the world should run you over with said pickup truck. That is what you deserve.

It is no wonder that I think people are shit.

It is because they are.

Not. Bitter.