HDWGH – Story 17 – Minivan Excitement

HDWGH – Story 17

From The How Did We Get Here Series

Now: Amy Jo Foster is hanging upside down in the driver’s side of her minivan. The minivan is upside down slowly coming to a stop as it spins on the frozen ground. It is winter. Amy’s minivan is sitting in someone’s hedges just slightly off the roadway. As the responding police officer walks up to her side of the minivan to see if she is ok, the door is ajar and a little silver vibrating toy falls from the minivan and into the snow and continues to vibrate. Amy is crying.

Before: Amy Jo Foster couldn’t explain what it was about Vince Lobos that made her feel the way she did. Every time she laid eyes on him her body started to tingle in the places where you wanted your body to tingle. The problem was that he barely noticed her. This morning after watching a video about practicing your personal assertion techniques she felt brave enough to ask Vince out on a date. They worked in the same office but in different departments so dating was allowed by HR.

She dressed up a little more than usual this morning. She wanted everything to be perfect. She jumped into her minivan and headed for work. On the way, she started fantasizing about being with Vince. It was at this point when she decided to utilize external stimulation and reached into her purse for her little “friend” as she called it.

It was at the height of the biggest orgasm she ever had that she realized she had ran through a stop sign just in time to see a Toyota pickup truck hit her in the rear quarter just enough to tip the minivan over onto it’s roof sending it sliding into the nearby hedges of the house on the corner. Her legs were shaking and disbelief rolled through her body. She just hung there inside down for about 10 minutes. Then, the police arrived…