The Superhero TV Formula

I love comic books. That isn’t to say that I read them. I love comic books because of the superhero movies and television shows that are a result of them.

I remember sitting in from of our console TV as a child and watching Batman every day. The one thing I do NOT remember is shows that focused on sexuality, feelings, emotions, or other shit that simply doesn’t belong in the genre.

The series tied everything up in a nice bow. The villain would do dastardly things and the superhero would stop them and save the day. There would always be some trap that Batman and Robin would have to get out of. It was glorious. Was Batman bisexual? I dunno. Was Robin really a gender neutral? Again, dunno. My question is why would I care? It lends nothing to the story and although a modern screen writer might claim that it helps define the character, I would disagree.

It matters much less than they think it does.

I watched Star Trek as a kid and all of the way through to my adulthood. I believe I was in my forties when I read that George Takei (Sulu) was gay. That is how much it didn’t matter. His sexuality had nothing to do with the character much in the same way as if his character was gay.

A later Star Trek movie that reasoned that if George was gay then the character must also be gay was fucking ridiculous. I’m fairly certain that Gene Roddenberry did not write Sulu as a gay character.

You get the idea. Leave the fucking sexuality out of it and your shows probably would enjoy more seasons instead of getting cancelled.

I mean Batwoman. Jesus.