Since this is my website I can write about whatever I feel like writing about. Today, I’d like to say a few things about learning.

I used to have a membership to a weird little website called Lynda.com. I found it because some of the Photoshop podcasts I followed would often advertise that they had more content on Lynda.com. It was a weird name so I stayed away until one day, I didn’t.

I signed up and began learning all kinds of things. It was mostly technical and had a lotto do with work related applications but it was a place you could go and learn pretty much anything.

And then LinkedIn, a site that I didn’t really like although I can’t remember why bought Lynda.com. I was almost devastated but I quickly got over it as the site kept the logo and all was good. It did hound me to upgrade to LinkedIn Learning which I ignored for a very large amount of time, until I didn’t.

I am using LinkedIn Learning now and I really like it. I exceed my goal of 120 minutes of learning time every week. One week, I ended up with over 400 minutes.

This isn’t a paid advertisement but if you are so inclined. I would recommend them.