HDWGH – Story 18 – Bang a Box

HDWGH – Story 18

From The How Did We Get Here Series

Now: Wyatt Ford sat on his porch with a hammer in one hand and a look of utter sorrow on his formerly angry face. A box full of mangled pieces of plastic, aluminum, and glass sitting at his feet. A crumpled note at the bottom of the box reads “To my weird brother, may this brand new iPad Pro serve you well in whatever weird shit you may get into next. Love, Sis.”

Before: Wyatt Ford was not a very patient man. His impatience grew in intensity as the front doorbell rang while he was in the middle of shall we say, extra curricular activities. At his front door was a UPS delivery driver with a box addressed to Wyatt. He signed the device and decided to open it on the porch. It was a nice day after all. After about 5 minutes of fighting with the packaging and basically no closer to opening the box, Wyatt went into his garage and brought out what he considered to be the most appropriate tool for the job. A hammer. Wyatt’s technique worked and soon the box was opened. He was so angry that the contents of the box didn’t fair too well. He didn’t really recognize it before in all of his rage but there was a note at the bottom of the box.