Fireworks Laws

I wasn’t sure but I had a feeling that fireworks were illegal in my area.

Law changed in 2017
Until a few years ago, it was illegal for Pennsylvanians to buy most fireworks, with retailers focusing on sales to outof- state residents. When the law was loosened in 2017, it included some restrictions on exactly where and when fireworks can be set off: It’s illegal to ignite them within 150 feet of any structure or on any public or private property without permission from local authorities. In a densely populated city like Lancaster, that leaves very few places where people can safely ignite fireworks.
The law lays out penalties that local authorities, like Lancaster’s police bureau, can impose for violations: “A person using consumer fireworks in violation of the provisions of this article commits a summary offense and, upon conviction, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $100.”