BSG Talk

Random Thoughts

This morning (first post of 2011 huh?) I got to thinking about what was wrong with Caprica. Why did the Sy-Fy Channel cancel it? Of course, they’ll site viewer numbers and say that people weren’t watching it. I think that would be partially accurate. People...

BSG: Daybreak, Part 3

I had no idea there would be or was a part 3. My bad. All that bad stuff I’ve been saying about Ron Moore… …I take it back. Part 3 answered questions and was a brilliant ending to the series. Yeah, I said it.

BSG: Daybreak, Part 2

Stupid. Only makes sense if you smoke a lot of pot. Closure? Ah, none. That can’t be the very last episode can it? Humans: Give us Hera back. Cylons: Give us resurrection back. Humans: Deal. Cylons: Deal. The end.

BSG: Daybreak, Part 1

Getting down to the last Battlestar Galactica episode has become a painful television experience. Daybreak isn’t a bad episode at all. I really enjoyed the Caprica flashback that showed Laura Roslin’s family tragedy and find myself wondering if there will be any relevance in the...

Battlestar Update #672

It hasn’t gotten any better. If it gets any darker, we’ll have to slit our wrists. There must be a Hollywood contest going on. The first person to take a happy and positive franchise and run it into the ground wins. Ronald D. Moore is...

Dirk Benedict and Me

Agree that Battlestar Galactica (the new one) is a big pile of crap. I just read something he posted in 2004 before the show went on the air. His article in it’s entirety is definitely worth reading. This was before the new show even came...

BSG Weekly Update

Drama built on “has been beat to death” revolution theme throughout the series. That pretty much sums it up. At this point, it’s just drama for drama sake. Will somebody get injured or shot next week? Probably. Wow. Nothing to see here folks.

BSG: Weekly Breakdown

Please move on folks. Nothing to see here. The seeds have been sown for something awful to happen as far as some kind of rebellion within the fleet starring Felix and the VP. President R. is still not worth much and totally mental. The end...

Battlestar Galactica Speculation Update

People we might not be surprised to learn that they are Cylon… 1. Starbuck 2. Tigh’s wife Ellen. 3. The President 4. Adama I think it could be… Dee. Why? It would be a great ending.