The Summer Slow Down

I used to think that the Winter time was the time that we slowed down and weren’t as productive as at any other time of the year.

I actually think the summer is the least productive time. I’ve gotten so much less done this year and a lot of that has to do with the pool. Whenever I see the sun come out, I head out to my backyard paradise where I can assure you, I am not getting things done.

This vacation has been one of my least productive. I’ve gotten some things accomplished but I could have done better.

I’m even thinking about using water beads and heating the water in the Winter time.

OK, Rambling time over…

Pool Area Project

My illustrious pool project for 2021 is almost completed.

The first year I used an inflatable pool that costs a whopping $10-20 dollars.

I bought more expensive inflatables since then but for the last couple of years I have gravitated back to that original $10 design. It just works.

This year I have added a beach area, tiki candles, and fencing. It was pretty expensive but I think that the privacy of being able to lay out in the yard without all of the cars driving by disturbing me will be worth it.

We’ll see.

Hell Weekend Ends

Well, it was pretty exciting but the weekend upgrade thing is over.

Well, for now anyway. I expect we will be still working on things for most of the week.

Collective sigh…

P.S. Yes. Nude girl jumping is appropriate.


It is roughly 17 degrees Fahrenheit.

For you types that use the Celsius scale, that would be -8.333 degrees.

I’m happy to see that things are still capable of cooling down with all of this global warming going on.

Last Day of the Month

I’m filing this one under shizz because it just should be.

It is snowing.

That is really all I have to say…

…or do I?

I started watching a show on Netflix called Fate which is a lot like Harry Potter except with all fairies. I’ll write a more appropriate review when I finish the first season. Of course, since we’re talking about Netflix it could only get one season and be really good but since Netflix decides whatever the show can get cancelled.

I’m not bitter about the cancelling. I get enraged about it. Why bother sinking all of your resources into something only to decide too soon that it wasn’t making you enough income? Look at Firefly. Jesus. That show should have lasted a shitload of seasons longer than it did. Everyone knows it.

Ok. This post about nothing in particular is over now. Everyone can resume with whatever they were doing which is probably infinitely more interesting than reading this garbage.

The picture is courtesy of this post who thinks that micro plastics are everywhere and we should all care about it.

Deleted Police Records in the UK

This story is both interesting and frightening at the same time.

Britain’s policing minister said Monday that “human error” led to hundreds of thousands of DNA records and other data on criminal suspects being erased from the national police computer.


Kit Malthouse told lawmakers in the House of Commons that the mishap occurred during a “regular housekeeping process” on the computer, which holds 13 million records. He said some 400,000 records were wiped, including 213,000 offense records and 170,000 arrest records.

Jailed for not unlocking Phones

– It started out as a civil rights battle in a Tampa courtroom, and now a cell phone password might be a defendant’s key to freedom.

A judge threw William Montanez behind bars for failing to unlock his phones Thursday, which wasn’t how Montanez or his attorney expected their day in court to end.

“Basically, my client has been denied his liberty today without due process,” said attorney Patrick Leduc.

This guy has balls. Big. Huge. Balls. He is right, of course. The court has no reason to look at the man’s personal property outside of the case at hand. They are over-reaching, at the least. I’m sure lawyers out there will say the opposite but fonk them shizznods.

I don’t think I would have told them I forgot it. I would have told them simply, “No. You may not have the passcode to my phone(s). The reason? They don’t belong to you. They are personal property. Mine — and they are not yours therefore, you may not fonking have them. In fact, I may go so far as to say YOU are stealing. You know — since you took something that doesn’t belong to you.”

Disclaimer: I am not qualified to dispense legal advise but…I should be.