Kindle Paperwhite

I have been using a Kindle for several years. The readability is outstanding and it almost feels like you have a book in your hand when you are using it.

There is one thing about the Kindle that I absolutely do not like— The interface. Finding a book to read can be extremely tedious. The touch screen is not what I am used to and at times it seems unresponsive. Finding a book using the Kindle app on my iMac, MacBook Pro, iPhone, or iPad is relatively easy compared to the product that Amazon created to just read books. I find that ironic.

If the Kindle lovers are lucky, perhaps Amazon will design and create something that addresses these issues. I have thought about getting an Oasis but lets be honest— why would I spend $299 on a device that doesn’t perform nearly as well as my phone? In addition to that, my phone can do other things. You can now buy a $300 iPhone that would outperform an Oasis in every measurable way.

Just my two cents about it. I am currently reading a David Weber book on my Kindle Paperwhite while reading Stephen King’s On Writing on my iPhone.