Apple Music Tidbit

I’ve been paying for an Apple Music subscription since it became a thing. I usually do this sort of thing with Apple services. I think it is really cool, so I buy it and may or may not ever actually use it. Apple Music was...

Stuck in the Middle with You

Incredible cover of a pretty cool song.

Why Modern Music Sucks

Great video with actual studies and science to back it up.


Apple bought Shazam and I am very happy about this acquisition. Apple just announced that the deal has been finalized. Shazam identifies a song by listening to what you are listening to and then shows you what the name of the song is and who...

Fleetwood Mac – 2018

They are about to go on tour at the beginning of October minus Lindsey Buckingham. They still sound great and Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie are still hot.