HDWGH – Story 26 – Pass the Pepper!

From The How Did We Get Here Series

Now: Doug Hess blinked his eyes in rapid succession as the pain between his eyes grew more intense. He was fairly certain that he asked the table next to him to pass the pepper and not throw it.

Before: Stacy Driscall wasn’t having a very good morning. Her father had demanded that she go back into her bedroom and put on clothing that was a bit more appropriate for the public. She was furious. It was summer and everyone else her age was wearing tube tops so why couldn’t she? It wasn’t like her tits were spilling out of it. Fucking dad. She took off the tube top and put on a dark blouse in its place not bothering to put a bra on either. She balled up the tube top and put that in her purse. When she got to the restaurant, she’d change back into the tube top. Fuck her dad. She wasn’t going to pick up any guys if they couldn’t see the package.

She met her friends Alice, Becky, and Amy at the country diner on old route 55. Stacy immediately went into the bathroom and removed the blouse replacing it with the tube top. In this light, she could see why her dad wasn’t happy with it. Her dark nipples were visible but she didn’t care. She had a light jacket to cover them top with should the need arise. She thought she looked pretty hot.

Doug Hess couldn’t have been more happy when the waitress brought his plate of eggs and home fries over to him. She asked if he was good and he thought to himself what a silly question that was. Of course, he was good. He had eggs and home fries. It wasn’t until the waitress left him that he noticed that the pepper container was missing. That was always the case with Doug. He always seemed to miss the little details until it was too late.

Doug turned towards the group of girls in the next booth over and asked if he could borrow the pepper. Stacy’s brain translated “could I borrow your pepper?,” into “nice tits on her,” which in any other circumstance would have been flattering to Stacy. If Doug Hess would have been a young guy, Stacy’s reaction would have probably been different. However, in an instant flare of rage festering from the mornings conversation with her dad, she picked up the pepper container and threw the glass container at Doug and surprisingly hit him right in the middle of his forehead. Stacy felt instantly better and she continued on with her friends as though nothing happened.

Author’s Note: This may or may not have been inspired by a personal episode which may or may not have occurred when I was seventeen.