HDWGH – Story 31 – Movie Theater Madness

HDWGH – Story 31 – Movie Theater Madness

From The How Did We Get Here Series

Now: The whole audience turned back in their seats to look at a very naked Marissa James riding young Jared Harper’s cock. Marissa’s immediate guess as to the undivided attention may have been timing. The action on the screen gave way to complete silence for the first time during the movie as Marissa had one of the biggest orgasms of her life. She thought the movie would mask the moans. It did not. Oops.

Before: Marissa James wanted to fuck her boyfriend in a movie theater. It was on her bucket list right up there with joining the mile high club. She loved sex but what really made her super horny was the notion of getting caught. That was why sex in public places appealed so much to her. She completely stripped out of her clothes in the library last week in a section that people rarely visited. The selfies were priceless. She just finished buttoning her blouse to cover her rock hard nipples when the librarian wondered by. Almost getting caught made her so wet that cum dripped down her leg on the way out.

The daring to be caught lifestyle was appealing to her. The parents were a bunch of squares who didn’t have the faintest clue how their VCR worked, let alone have any ideas about what she did when they weren’t around. Her boyfriend suggested that they go see the new Hellboy movie. That would do. “It should be a noisy experience for most of the movie,” Marissa thought to herself.

After parking themselves away from the rest of the audience in the most remote corner they could find, Marissa dropped her dress to the floor revealing…everything. It didn’t take Jared long to pull out his hardening cock. Marissa wrapped her pussy around it and they started getting busy.