HDWGH – Story 35 – Plugged

From The How Did We Get Here Series

Now: The secret of why office manager Elizabeth Beckett was always smiling and happy was finally out of the bag. Elizabeth was bending over to get some files out of the lower filing cabinet drawer when her dress rode up revealing a decorative butt plug handle and the pink wiggling end of a vibrator inserted into her bare shaved pussy. The office full of women huddled around Marcy Walker’s desk felt that they finally knew why someone with such a crappy husband was always happy.

Before: Elizabeth rolled off of her husband after faking what seemed like her thousandth orgasm. No matter how much she hinted and outright asked Bill to try new things he simply wouldn’t do it. He loved laying down and letting Elizabeth do all of the work. This was the position they used most of the time. There were other sexual positions. Bill just didn’t like any of them. “Too much like work,” he’d say.

It wasn’t very common to have sex before work. She got lucky this morning and caught Bill in a particular horny mood. Elizabeth wanted more out of Bill. She offered but Bill wasn’t willing to take the day off and spend it in bed with her. So, she did the only thing a horny young woman could do. She had to please herself. After some lube, she inserted her favorite anal plug and the dildo she called “wicked Mary” and finished getting dressed. Today, that meant a simple sundress with matching scandals. She couldn’t be bothered with underwear. Besides, no one is going to notice anyway.