HDWGH – Story 37 – You Can’t Swim There

-*From The How Did We Get Here Series*-

**Now**: Harrison Guthrie was just happy to be alive. Sure, he was soaking wet, standing in the mall fountain, and soon to be surrounded by mall cops. It could have gone much worse.

**Before**: Silvia Guthrie loved to shop. What she liked even more than shopping was bringing her husband along simply because she knew he hated it. They had been at the mall for two hours now and Harrison’s whining had started reaching a fevered pitch.

She began walking into the Gap store as Harrison signaled to his wife that he wished to remain outside the store so he could conduct some people watching. It was desperately needed at this point. His watches built in step counter had long reached his daily goal of 20,000 steps and threatened to grant him an all-time award for today. Shopping wasn’t natural to him and he simply hated it.

That is about the time he began fidgeting with his wedding ring. Of course, it had nothing to do with the blonde bombshell that just walked by him. Did she wink at him? As he tried to hide the wedding ring by slipping it off his finger and into his jacket pocket, two things occurred at about the same time.

The ring came off his finger and he was pushed and sent over the railing to land gracelessly in the center of the mall fountain by a not so happy Mrs. Guthrie who quite possibly saw the entire exchange with the blonde bombshell who, incidentally had not noticed what had just happened behind her.