Scary Shit

This article should scare the shit out of you.

Programming is a powerful and ubiquitous problem-solving tool. Systems that can assist programmers or even generate programs themselves could make programming more productive and accessible.

Our movie makers have made countless films about the dangers of A.I. and what that type of future would look like.

Battlestar Galactica
The Terminator

Just to name a couple of them.

Christopher Reeve is Still Dead

No Google. It is not Christopher Reeves’ 69th birthday because he stopped having birthdays when he was 52. You know. Because, he died when he was 52.

Birthdays are celebrated by the living for the living. If you have a 16th birthday it is because you’ve lived that long. If you died when you were 5, you can’t possibly have a 16th birthday.

It is pretty simple really. I don’t know why we keep mis-using and mis-representing birthdays on Google.

It is ok to say “It *would have been* Christopher Reeve’s 69th birthday today.

On October 10, 2021, we can celebrate his death day.

Services Update

It looks like I am going to attend the services for my baby brother because in this instance, it would seem completely wrong for me not to attend.

My brother and I weren’t really close in the latter part of his life but we were close in the first half.

That is how I will choose tom remember him.

The little guy that was excited about everything. He used to be a little fireball so full of energy and wanting to try everything.

He loved riding around with me on my Suzuki Quad Racer when he was little and thought it was the greatest thing ever.

We always thought the he would be the one to go off to college and change the world as we knew it.

His life took a different path.

I believe that this path is the very reason we need to attend a service to mourn his passing this week.

R.I.P. Little Brother.


I’ll tell you why I think funerals are archaic and stupid.

It is because they are not about the person who actually died. They are about a bunch of people who knew the dead person and who come together to make themselves feel better about the loss of the person in the box. In a lot of cases, it is almost like a reunion of people who are connected and by the death of someone, have decided to reconnect.

Again, not about the dead person although everything may appear that way. The dead person really doesn’t give a shit about the gathering. In fact, they aren’t even aware that it is happening. What is the point of throwing a party for someone who can’t attend?

That is wrong to me.

Obituary Madness

I find it immensely entertaining to read the obituary pages of my local newspaper.


Well, because of all of the bullshit in the short articles about each person. I’m not talking about wild claims of how good of a person they were. No. I’m talking about something even more hilarious.

It is the part that claims that they went somewhere that has me a bit baffled.

John went home to be with the Lord.

No. He didn’t.

He died. John went nowhere. He ceased to exist as John and became a near useless pile of biological matter. People can’t get their heads around death as a concept.

We simply can’t just die. We know all of these things. The human spirit lives on.

None of those things are true.

Death is a very appropriate word even if most people don’t understand what it truly means.


Wow. I did not realize that I already had a category about death.

The reason that we are all afraid of death is because that we’re afraid of the unknown.

I would argue that death isn’t unknown. I’m sure we’ve all experienced it in some form or another over our lives.

Have you ever blacked out?

Have you ever fallen into a nice deep sleep where your head hits the pillow and the next thing you remember is waking up after that? No dream.

That period of time between your head hitting the pillow and waking up is exactly what death is like.

You obviously won’t even know you are dead. You will know when you are going to sleep but will not realize when you have achieved it. The only thing you’ll know is that you woke up. If you never wake up, then that feeling of knowing you are going to fall asleep will literally be the last thing you remember.

We’re probably more afraid of how we’ll die. I believe that is something that is mostly unknown unless you are suffering from a terminal illness or you plan to end your own life.

Ok. Not sure why I wrote about such a morbid topic.

I hope everyone has a super sparkly day. Whatever the hell that means.

Why I Hate Funerals

  1. They are a complete waste of time.

  2. They are only about the living and not really the dead person who doesn’t give a shit about what you planned, what you are doing, and how they are dressed because…you know…they are dead.

Death is a very difficult concept for most people to understand because they can only reference their current life. It is hard to imagine our lives when the switch is turned off.

You don’t know that you had a deep sleep until you wake up and can “know” that you did.

Not getting to wake up and to understand is death.

Deep. Huh?