Societal Concept

Since I write a lot of science fiction stories, I often wonder what would cause a civilization to never make it into space or not very far before the society collapses.

The collapse could be for any number of reasons.

Here is why I think the inhabitants of any planet can either kill the planet or as a people they thrive and reach out to the stars.

I believe this equation best describes it.

If you grow as a society faster than the rate of innovation, you die.

I think we are there. We’re producing shit tons of plastics that will have no where to go when we’re done with them. You could say “recycling” but you’d be wrong. Most plastic ends up either in the ocean or in a land fill. We could sure use an atomizer.

Too bad we didn’t invent one yet.

HDWGH – Story 26 – Pass the Pepper!

From The How Did We Get Here Series

Now: Doug Hess blinked his eyes in rapid succession as the pain between his eyes grew more intense. He was fairly certain that he asked the table next to him to pass the pepper and not throw it.

Before: Stacy Driscall wasn’t having a very good morning. Her father had demanded that she go back into her bedroom and put on clothing that was a bit more appropriate for the public. She was furious. It was summer and everyone else her age was wearing tube tops so why couldn’t she? It wasn’t like her tits were spilling out of it. Fucking dad. She took off the tube top and put on a dark blouse in its place not bothering to put a bra on either. She balled up the tube top and put that in her purse. When she got to the restaurant, she’d change back into the tube top. Fuck her dad. She wasn’t going to pick up any guys if they couldn’t see the package.

She met her friends Alice, Becky, and Amy at the country diner on old route 55. Stacy immediately went into the bathroom and removed the blouse replacing it with the tube top. In this light, she could see why her dad wasn’t happy with it. Her dark nipples were visible but she didn’t care. She had a light jacket to cover them top with should the need arise. She thought she looked pretty hot.

Doug Hess couldn’t have been more happy when the waitress brought his plate of eggs and home fries over to him. She asked if he was good and he thought to himself what a silly question that was. Of course, he was good. He had eggs and home fries. It wasn’t until the waitress left him that he noticed that the pepper container was missing. That was always the case with Doug. He always seemed to miss the little details until it was too late.

Doug turned towards the group of girls in the next booth over and asked if he could borrow the pepper. Stacy’s brain translated “could I borrow your pepper?,” into “nice tits on her,” which in any other circumstance would have been flattering to Stacy. If Doug Hess would have been a young guy, Stacy’s reaction would have probably been different. However, in an instant flare of rage festering from the mornings conversation with her dad, she picked up the pepper container and threw the glass container at Doug and surprisingly hit him right in the middle of his forehead. Stacy felt instantly better and she continued on with her friends as though nothing happened.

Author’s Note: This may or may not have been inspired by a personal episode which may or may not have occurred when I was seventeen.

Blocking the Sun

This is a thing.

WASHINGTON — The idea of artificially cooling the planet to blunt climate change — in effect, blocking sunlight before it can warm the atmosphere — got a boost on Thursday when an influential scientific body urged the United States government to spend at least $100 million to research the technology.

Yep. You are not seeing things.

That technology, often called solar geoengineering, entails reflecting more of the sun’s energy back into space through techniques that include injecting aerosols into the atmosphere. In a new report, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine said that governments urgently need to know whether solar geoengineering could work and what the side effects might be.

This concept is so hilarious to me that I literally wrote it into a short story I am currently writing. I needed a way to explain how humans could destroy a planet and then I stumbled upon this little gem.

Again. Hilarious.


I grew up with sports.

I used to watch my favorite NFL football team play every weekend and couldn’t wait for the Super Bowl. I remember getting depressed after the All-Star game because I knew there would be no football until next season.

I actually liked the XFL and I loved that it filled the gap of the missing NFL. It only lasted for a season which sucked royal money balls.

I turned 50 and something happened. I’m not sure exactly what it was but I started to not care as much about football as I once did. I’m pretty sure the enormous salaries had something to do with it. I’m sure making teams change their name because someone is “offended” may also have something to do with it. I think it was the money mostly.

Right now, the Washington Redskins don’t even know who the hell they are. The people that are offended aren’t even the people that are supposed to be offended. The real Redskins (the Indians for you new people) don’t give a fuck.

When the coronavirus hit, sports because the last thing on Earth that people actually cared about and I was ok with that. I guess it took the pandemic for me to realize just how insignificant sports really is. The sports went away for a period of time and everything was ok.

This is from an article in today’s paper.

CleanShot 2021 03 28 at 08 31 30 2x

First of all, these kids did NOT lose everything last year. They are still fucking alive aren’t they? You fucking moron.

Everyone didn’t die. The newspaper was a lot more fun to read for me because the sports section (if it was in the paper at all) was only a page or half of a page.

To sum up this article…

…fuck sports.


If I am hot and sweaty and I decide to wear something that lets my upper body breathe (mostly talking about my tits), why do men automatically think that by the act of wearing said garment I am advertising that I am available?

If I am walking through a mall and see a guy wearing shorts rocking a nice cock outline, I don’t automatically think he is wearing it to pick up women. He might be. I don’t assume that.

For my 1st post with Mike’s website, I thought I’d write about something that always pisses me off.

Assumptions about my availability piss me off. Based on what I am wearing? Really?

I love men.

But, sometimes I don’t.

This post may or may not have been “triggered” by a recent trip to the store.

I’m New Here

My name is Amy L. Feeling. I have known Mike for a very long time. We have bounced ideas off each other in the past and have always had a very warm friendship that has only grown stronger over the years. A short while ago, Mike introduced me to this series he was working on called “How Did We Get Here?” By the time I was through reading the first five, I was hooked. Working a story backwards is always fun and challenging.

Mike doesn’t hold back on what he thinks a story should be. Most writers would step up to the line but not cross it but Mike doesn’t seem to care about that. That, is what makes these stories so good. I’ve talked to him a few times in the past several weeks and I eventually asked him if I could join him. I’ve written a variety of things under a different pen name, of course. I think you’ll find a delightful balance between Mike dancing around the lines and me pushing him over it and laughing all of the way.

I could not have a more genuine friend and at times, he can be more than that when I need him to be.

I hope you’ll find my writing as interesting as his. If you think the HDWGH stories will be more tame because a woman is writing some of them, you couldn’t be more wrong.

I almost forgot. I DO realize that my initials spell ALF. I DO know what the reference is even though it was before my time. I DO think it’s funny.

Strap in. I think we’re all in for a wild ride.


HDWGH – Story 25 – Modern Spycraft

HDWGH – Story 25 – Modern Spycraft

From The How Did We Get Here Series

Now: Charles Dooley’s face became an instant shade of pale as he looked through the telescopic lens of his spy camera. His wife was in the apartment complex across the way. Two floors down from where Charles was spying from his balcony. His wife’s hard nipples were pressed against the patio door glass as she took Doug Johnson’s incredibly large ‘Johnson’ from behind.

Before: He knew it was wrong. He also knew he liked watching. Charles Dooley had started watching his neighbor’s sexual escapades through a pair of old Army field googles he had acquired from his long since dead grandfather. Since those first few times, he had upgraded and bought a super serious rig capable of recording what he saw.

Charles didn’t have many friends. There wasn’t really anyone he could talk to about what he saw so he kept the Wednesday afternoon viewing pleasure to himself. He didn’t dare tell his wife. She’d make him take the rig back to the store and shame him into doing something else a lot less interesting.

Doug Johnson had a huge cock. It was no wonder that various neighborhood women would pay him a visit on Wednesdays. There were at least two dozen that he recognized from various social functions and he always felt a little bad for the husbands. If they only knew. If only, he could tell them.

Well, the one thing that made him feel comfortable in his manhood was the fact that his wife wasn’t one of the visitors.

Company Leaks

Apple has had a really hard time to leaks to the press or other sources before a major announcement.

There are a lot of people that thrive on rumors and want to speculate about what the next big thing will be.

These same people may also not understand why leaking things to the public ahead of an event is bad.

If I am an engineer and I have worked to develop a product that I am proud of. Even if it’s something I am not entirely proud of, the fact remains that I’ve probably put a lot of time and effort into it.

I think as the engineer, I deserve to be able to present the work I’ve done my way. In Apple’s case, it would be a big press event. I should think that I am the person who deserves to show what I’ve done to others and not some publication, journalist, or an armchair technology quarterback.

When you release this information ahead of the engineering team’s expectation, you are literally robbing them of their moment in the sun. A moment that is sorely and richly deserved. They earned it. The person who writes about the leaked information has not earned anything. They were given information that can either chose to act on or chose to not act on. It is entirely their decision.

The person who releases the information has malicious intentions whether they feel that they do or not. That information is not yours to present. You didn’t “earn” the right to do so.

And that, makes the leakers and the people that present those leaks to the public lower then dog shit on the evolutionary scale.

Bad Decisions

When you reach the age of 50 or thereabouts, you begin to look on the world with different eyes.

The one thing I have seen recently is just how much young people make really bad decisions.

At 50, your decisions are based on a lot of things but are mostly free of emotions. You take things a bit less seriously and you also realize that not everything that everyone does is about you.

It is easy to see the bad decisions that people make everyday by just opening up the newspaper and reading it. The criminal section is literally mind blowing.

The problem with some of these bad decisions is that they can’t be undone. You can’t take back your irrational behavior. People don’t unsee the things you’ve said and done.

Take a moment to think before you speak. Think before you act. Think beyond the moment. I know it can be difficult but life isn’t always about the single move in front of you. It can be about the several moves that are ahead of you that you can’t yet see.

Help your heart get out of the way so your head can see the path ahead.

Ok. I have to give the soapbox back now.

Baby Bottle Service

How about your favorite coffee beverage served in a baby bottle?

No. I am not making this up.

From my daily newspaper…

CleanShot 2021 03 22 at 07 22 51 2x

I’d link to the whole story but since it’s a paywall, I’ll refrain.

Phone Calls

I don’t like to talk on the phone. Anyone who knows me will tell you how true that is. I hate making phone calls. I’d rather text, IM, or do smoke signals.

I’m saying that because my house mate has been on the phone with a member of his family for probably somewhere along the lines of oh, say five hours.

Yep. That is not a typo (this time). Believe me, I’ve had many many typos. My whole life is a typo.

I don’t like I’d have six minutes worth of things to talk about let alone 6 hours.

Trust me. I am probably the most boring person there is. A rock probably comes in first place but damn it, I am a close 2nd.


Finally, a season I actually like because it means we’ll be getting into the other season I really like SUMMER!

I live in the wrong part of the country for some who doesn’t enjoy cold weather; I am aware.

HDWGH – Story 24 – Neglected Details

From The How Did We Get Here Series

Now: Megan Hamilton woke up out of a dead sleep. She couldn’t help it. Her husband was facing her and looked to be out cold. In the small space between them, a wet urine soaked bed. The smell made her want to vomit.

Before: Josh Hamilton would finally be able to sleep with his new bride. He knew the rules. No drinking alcohol or unpleasant things could happen during the night. He had been successful in keeping this from Megan throughout the years they’ve been dating. It was rather easy. They had never actually spent the entire night together. They weren’t prone to drinking so he wasn’t really worried.

The wedding reception was full of alcohol and Josh knew that if he drank any of it, there would be a small chance Megan would get an unexpected surprise in the morning.

It was his wedding day after all. Why not?

Life Tip# 3740

How to know you’ve completely lost your mind.

When you are attempting to please yourself sexually and you utter the words “you’re doing it wrong.”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

…or as I used to say back in the 90’s.

Happy “would have been” Birthday Grandma!

I think of her often. She was a wonderful lady.

As I go onto Google this morning, I have to ask myself “why is this google so fucking lame?”

CleanShot 2021 03 17 at 03 47 17 2x

No traditional St. Patrick’s Day anything in this.

Well, at least its green.

Public Stalking

I believe I just figured out why it disturbs me when I hear that someone is a “fan” of someone else so much that they devote time, money, and resources in the pursuit of said fandom.

The words “stalk” and “fan” are remarkably similar.

CleanShot 2021 03 16 at 04 36 25 2x

…and fan…

CleanShot 2021 03 16 at 04 39 24 2x

I believe the only difference between stalking someone and being a fan of someone is the fact that being a fan can be done in public.

Why Don’t Men Care

Perhaps, I should relabel this post as “Why Don’t Most Men Care?”

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about men who sit by while their daughters pose nude for magazines, pictures, or whatever. Think about all of the magazines with nude women in them that you have ever seen. Most of those women have fathers who had to sign off on what they were doing. Why is that?

Why do some men want their wives to go out wearing as little as is humanly possible?

I remember pulling off my girlfriends top in our parking lot in broad daylight. Anyone could have seen her tits. Some people driving by probably did. I do not know why I didn’t care. She was beautiful.

Perhaps, that is the reason. I think my daughter is beautiful and I don’t really mind if others see that as well. It doesn’t bother me.

My ex-wife is a nudist. I don’t care.

My daughter lives in a nudist colony. I don’t care.

Maybe, this is a topic that I just don’t really care about.

Playing Battlefront II

I remember doing my own thing when I started playing BF2. I knew there was some goal we had to achieve but I didn’t always know what it was.

I’ve been playing so long now, I know exactly what we need to do to win.

This post isn’t about me bitching. Not at all.

I think it’s funny watching new players doing the stupid things I used to do when I started. If I want to win the game, I can pretty much do that. As long as I have a couple of other vets playing.

One thing I love about this game in particular is how it shows you the value of teamwork. When all 20 players are working towards the same goal, we almost always win.

The games that I am in where we lose are the exact opposite. Those are games where everyone is off doing their own thing.

Just weird perspective drive by posting…