Pizza Game

There was a pizza game on Google yesterday that I rather enjoyed.

If you blinked, you probably missed it.

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Maybe there is an archive of these somewhere?

Google on Patrol

I’m not sure how I feel about this one.

Google may have shared identifying information of certain users with law enforcement, according to a report from The Guardian. Leaked documents indicate that the company’s CyberCrime Investigation Group (CIG) has been forwarding data like real names, street addresses, credit card numbers, Gmail and recovery emails, as well as IP addresses from recent logins. In some cases, the CIG reportedly also included copies of comments made on Google’s platforms like YouTube, which include threats of racist and terrorist violence.

I like the idea of weeding these types of bad actors out but it comes with a price. The price is the perceived idea of personal privacy but the internet is not a private place.

If you don’t want someone to know something about you, don’t post it anywhere on the internet. It is literally that simple.

Ok to be Evil Again

Google employees have been given the unofficial “green light” to be evil if they wish to be.

Google has removed the phrase “Don’t be Evil” from their employee manual.

I’m waiting for this story…

“Well, I had planned on donating blood today but I saw that my company [Google] had removed the don’t be evil thing from the employee book…thing and well, I decided to run over a bunch of puppies instead. You know…since it’s ok now…and all.”

Dumbing Down of America

I found a pretty good article that talks about why Americans seem so dumb today compared to what they were just a few decades ago.

The article points to the education system but I disagree about why Americans aren’t as smart as they used to be.

The number of American citizens who can do very high-end research who also can easily get security clearances is limited,” Ignatius says. “The ability of our schools to produce American students at a world-class level, that’s an important national challenge.

Again, I disagree to a point. I believe the problem is something else entirely. Do college graduates really need to remember anything? In the age of “just Google it” do we really need to even try to retain information? I believe the answer is no. If I can’t remember a song, there is an app for that. If I can’t remember what camping gear I need to take with me — again I can just Google it.