My Kitteh Crashed!

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Happy Birthday Michele!

It’s my sister’s 40th birthday. It seems like only yesterday that we were both wearing matching “Winnie The Pooh” sweaters and getting our picture taken together. Most folks thought we were twins. I was 5 years old. My sister was 4. That was so long...

iTunes Update 8.0.1

Mac Heads. Run Software Update for the latest. Hopefully, they’ve fixed all of the buggy crap.

Funny Picture

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Countdown Widget Hacked?

I couldn’t help but notice that my election countdown widget in the sidebar is saying “George W. Bush is EXIT.” Me thinks that it’s been hacked. Stay tuned. Update: (8:51 am) – I sent a message to the widget “distributors.”

A Pirate Problem

You may or may not have heard about the Pirate problem off the coast of Africa. This region has been plagued with pirate activity for about as long as anyone can remember. The international community is stepping up and now providing extra ships and manpower...

He Taked My Spot!

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Java Update for OS X 10.5

There is also an HP Driver update that shows up after you do the Java update. I’m just sayin’

Real Government Relief: Buy My Shitpile

I’m not making this up. This site exists. Go here. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll laugh mostly.

Top Ten Anti-McCain Digg Articles

I’ve written about web bias before. The reason that I singled out Digg was because of the many occasions that I’ve heard the CEO Jay Adelson and Kevin Rose talk about how much Digg is user driven. While that may actually be true, I’ve always...

Top 10 Brain Myths

I found this article during my morning read. I can’t say that I agree with everything 100% because of speculation on the part of the author or the “so-called” scientific expert. Here’s a small blurb about alcoholism… Even in alcoholics, alcohol use doesn’t actually result...

Paul Newman: R.I.P.

He’ll be missed. from the Washington Post… Paul Newman, 83, the actor and sex symbol who surged to stardom by playing loners as well as criminal and moral outlaws — anything to downplay his astonishing looks — died of cancer Friday at his farmhouse near...

In The “Q” and Updates: An Update

I’m just dumping a bunch of posts I’ve been holding onto because of a project I have been working on this week and my keyboard problem. (see below) Sorry. It looks like I’m going post crazy but I’m really not.

The Rooster Banged Out Sick

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The Book of Lies: A Short Review

I just finished reading The Book of Lies by Brad Meltzer. By reading, I mean I listened to the audio version by This book is a long one to read and listen to but I have to admit that it’s well worth it. The...

The “N” Key Story

I have (and love) my MacBook Pro laptop and use it for everything from podcasting to video production to… …writing. Right after I got the laptop on the very same day, in fact, the “N” key popped off. One of the plastic pieces that are...

Polar Ice: 101

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m sick and tired (mostly tired) of reading the same stories about “global warming” and how it’s melting the polar ice caps. Case in point… from The New York Times today… TO the relief of climate scientists around...

Couples Counseling

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A Friday Funny

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When Does It Stop?

I’ve been working at UPS for a little while now. I thought that I’d be used to it by now. I’m not. My fingers even hurt. I’m chalking it up to age at this point. Ouch!

How Sore Am I?

I got home early this morning after working an hour and a half of overtime. I was exhausted and loading trailers by hand takes a lot out of you. NOTE: When I’m NOT stuck at my desk, I’m stuck in a trailer. I was soooo...

The Ring

Years ago. My little brother found a class ring buried in the dirt near the corner stone of our church. Our goal. To find out who owns the ring and to return it to it’s rightful owner. We have almost no information to go on....

Yeah. This is me.

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